10 Reasons for Making a Will

  1. To make things easier for your loved ones after you die
  2. To let you (and not the Government) choose who will inherit your assets
  3. To appoint a guardian for your children and make financial provision for their upkeep and education
  4. To ensure that your partner doesn’t suffer any unnecessary financial hardship after you die
  5. To arrange a fair split of assets between your family and your spouse’s family if you both die at the same time
  6. To make provision for your children from a previous relationship at the same time as providing for your new spouse or partner
  7. To protect your assets if your chosen beneficiaries are vulnerable, or could face bankruptcy or divorce, or may need to pay for long term care
  8. To ensure that you don’t have to pay any more Inheritance Tax than you have to
  9. To put steps in place for your business to run smoothly after you have died
  10. To select your own funeral arrangements

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