Rentback Charter Association AGM

Stewart Matthews and Caroline Hume attended the first AGM of the Rentback Charter Association held at Neves’ Milton Keynes office. Stewart has been instrumental in the set up and development of the Rentback Charter Association working closely with Kevan Keegan, Glenn Armstrong and the other founding members to create a recognised regulatory body of this particular area of property investment. He has drafted a Code of Conduct and Membership Agreement to set out a methodology and framework for ethical property investment. Stewart has also liaised with the National Landlord’s Association and the Office for Fair Trading in advance of the OFT’s report on this area to Parliament, which was published on 15th October 2008.

The AGM was attended by members of the Rentback Charter Association in addition to Stewart and Caroline who attended on behalf of Neves. There was a lively discussion amongst attendees about the current state of the property market and the economy generally, but with focus also on the OFT report that was hot off the press.