Neves Supports St Albans Parents Event

For those of you with a short attention span there are two morals to this story:

  • always consult a good lawyer (preferably one at Neves) if you have important decisions to make; and
  • the lawyer who acts in his (or in this case her) own case has a fool for a client

On Saturday 20th April Neves were invited to attend St Albans Family Fair organised by Raring2go with our partners The Parents Show on Radio Verulam. Mary McEvoy and Beth Woodward from our Family Department attended and of course the first issue to decide was - what to wear? Whether to wear the Neves’ sweatshirt or not? As Family lawyers will do, we discussed the matter, weighing up the pros and cons and considering the options.

Unfortunately we did not make a decision. However Beth took the additional step of taking advice from Elizabeth McGlone. Elizabeth, our Employment lawyer, gives clear unambiguous advice. She is also a fashion blogger. Her decided view was ‘No, no, no’ to which she added ‘What can you be thinking of to even consider wearing a plastic coated garment?’.

So as you can see from the photos below we have the person who took advice, Beth, looking normal, and Mary who relied on her own judgment looking as you do if you wear the official sweatshirt.

All that said the event was great fun and incredibly well attended by young families who wanted to find out about the services on offer in St Albans; the attendees were entertained throughout the day by groups such as Rock Choir, Little Kickers, Kool Kidz, Best Theatre Arts, the GH School of Dance, Hurst Childrens’ Theatre and Drama Llamas who kept up a constant display of dance, music and entertainment for those attending.

This is definitely an event which provides a lot of information on local resources for people and businesses in St Albans and environs and is something Neves hopes to support in the years to come.