Wills, Probate & Trusts Solicitors

Neves' wills, trusts and probate team provides legal advice on issues including tax planning, powers of attorney, tax efficient wills, estate planning and nursing/care home fees.

Our Approach

Clients have welcomed our practical yet sensitive approach to their private financial affairs since Neves was first established as a law firm in Luton 1867. We wish to ensure that through continuity of service you and your family receive the best advice possible and as a result, most of our business is repeat business or from recommendation by the family and friends of existing clients We also attract many new clients through our marketing activities where we strive to educate our audience by keeping them informed of relevant legal mechanisms and changes wherever possible in a way that is easy to understand.

We believe in a no nonsense no jargon approach.

Our wills, trusts and probate team is on hand to offer you legal advice whatever your circumstances, whether they involve personal events, corporate transactions or making provision for company employees. We deliver a cost effective and timely service which can help you and your family save thousands of pounds. We offer home visits.

When should you come to us?

Taking the time to look into making a will, inheritance tax (IHT) planning, provision for long term care and estate administration is essential. Reviewing and planning your private assets will have a dramatic impact on your personal wealth and bring you and your family peace of mind.

As your financial standing is certain to change over time, you should review your affairs regularly, and certainly before any major events such as:

  • Getting married
  • Buying a home
  • Having children
  • Retiring

Other life changing events, like divorce or bereavement, should also trigger a review of your assets.

Personal wealth can be affected by changes in your working environment. Shareholder re-structurings, mergers, acquisitions and flotations can all dramatically alter an individual's personal asset base.

We offer a confidential and personal service to clients. The solicitor you see will help you to review your affairs and can advise you on all aspects of personal wealth, giving you and your dependants' peace of mind.


Areas of Work


Some 70% of people die without a will. The rules of intestacy which apply can lead to unexpected results and unnecessary distress for the family. As well as ensuring that your estate passes to those to whom you intend, we can help to save thousands of pounds with some simple ideas which can be included in a will.

Click here to download our Wills questionnaire.

Tax planning

Once you have made a tax efficient will, any further mitigation will be as a result of actions taken during your lifetime. We can work with your accountant where necessary and offer advice on various schemes which can enable you to avoid or reduce capital gains tax and inheritance tax which may otherwise be payable on the transfer or disposal of your assets during your lifetime or on your death. Such schemes may be particularly relevant to the family home and interests in a business.


The use of trusts, whether in a lifetime settlement or in a will, can have great benefits in making long term financial provision and saving tax. We advise on the most favourable use of trusts and deal with their preparation and, if required, their administration. The firm's partners are willing to be appointed as professional trustees if required although we always suggest that there is at least one lay person as a trustee.

Estate administration

In the event of your personal loss, Neves can support you. We are experienced in dealing with all aspects of estate administration in a proactive, efficient and sensitive manner. This will include the application to the court to obtain probate and the preparation and submission of all necessary tax returns.

Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPA)

Where an EPA has been put in place we can assist with registration and ancillary matters.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

From 1st October 2007, Enduring Powers of Attorney have been replaced by Lasting Powers of Attorney. Any Enduring Powers of Attorney made before that date will still be valid but it will no longer be possible to make a new one.

Neves can assist you with putting a Lasting Power of Attorney in place either in relation to your Property and Affairs or your Personal Welfare. We offer a fixed price service.

Click here for our Lasting Power of Attorney information sheet and here for our questionnaire.

Living will

You may wish to leave directions to your next of kin as to the medical treatment you would wish to receive in the event of your own incapacity. A living will can specify a friend or relative who can advise your doctor of such decisions on your behalf. Neves can help you to put this document in place.


We can advise on Deputyship applications where there is no existing Power of Attorney to help you deal with the affairs of your friend or relative.

Long term care

Increasingly people are becoming concerned at the possibility of losing their life savings in meeting the costs of providing expensive care in later years. Statistics show that some 40,000 people in the UK are forced to sell their homes every year to pay for nursing or residential care home fees and this is likely to increase. We can advise on ways in which to manage your assets within acceptable parameters so as to maximise the benefit your family will receive from your estate in this situation.

STEP Code for Will Preparation

Gail Donaldson, Head of Private Client, is very pleased to announce that Neves are now operating the new STEP Code for Will Preparation.

The full terms of business we adhere to for STEP can be found here.