For Parents and Grandparents

Tools and information to help children deal with divorcing or separating parents: - Relationship Insights to help on and after separating. - helpful information about post separation parenting; information about workshops and resources. - a new way to resolve divorce and family disputes with dignity and respect. - Families need Fathers – Service open to mothers and fathers, grandparents, new partners and extended families. An organisation dedicating to helping parents and their families continue to provide love, care and support for children post separation. - advice line for lone parents and their children. - for grandparents who have issues concerning contact with grandchildren. It provides a directory of solicitors who specialise in representing grandparents. - National Association of Child Contact Centres where children of separated families can spend time with a parent where there are no other viable options. - for one parent families. - offering support to anyone parenting a child including stepparents.  - an independent group of professionals who volunteer to provide divorce advice, support and information. - a free, national, web-based communication facility, designed for fathers who are separated from their children. -for anyone going through a divorce, and want to see what others have gone through, people talk about their experiences – emotional and practical.