Employment Documents

If you are planning on pursuing an employment tribunal claim it will have to be submitted on-line or by post on the correct ET1 form.  The tribunal service will not accept claims that are not detailed on the correct form.  The ET1 must be accompanied by the relevant fee or fee remission form and supporting evidence.  You will find further guidance on fees in our Guide to Employment Tribunal Fees.  It is important that the ET1 is completed accurately and with references to the law under which your prospective claims are covered.  It may be that you require guidance as to the completion of the form or as to the exact nature of the claims you want to pursue.  If you need such assistance do not hesitate to contact a member of our employment team.


Employment tribunal fees came into being on 29th July 2013.  If your ET1 form is not accompanied by the correct fee or satisfactory fee remission form then the tribunal service will not accept the submission of your ET1.  If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact our employment team.


If you are in the process of being made redundant it may be prudent to double check your statutory redundancy pay calculation against the one provided by your employer.