Employment Disputes

Both employers and employees have rights that need protecting.

As an employer you want to be sure that your employees conduct themselves in the manner that you expect and that your business is protected from current and former employees.

We can advise you on:
  • Compromise Agreements
  • Contracts of employment
  • Employee policies
  • Privacy in the workplace
  • Restrictive Covenants
  • Transfer of and undertaking

As an employee you have a number of rights in respect of, for example,

  • Compromise Agreements
  • Deduction of wages
  • Discrimination on grounds of:
    • Disability
    • Gender
    • Race
    • Religious beliefs
    • Sexual orientation
  • Equal pay
  • Maternity and paternity
  • Proper notice
  • Redundancy
  • Unfair Dismissal
  • Working time
If the employment relationship breaks down we can advise you on the merits of a claim made by or against you. We conduct claims in the Employment Tribunal and the Civil Courts.

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