Services For You

Having to seek help from a solicitor is rarely something that you want to do, but sometimes it is what you need to do and should do.

If you find yourself in such a situation then our aim is to make your experience as bearable as is possible in the circumstances.

We know the importance of providing timely, clear advice in a way that suits your requirements. If you prefer to meet us face to face to discuss matters then we will do this. If coming to our office is not convenient for you, then we can come to you. If you would prefer that we advise in writing then we can do this. For speed we often use email, but if this does not suit you, then we can advise by post. In short we understand that we must be flexible and so we will adapt how we work to suit how best you will receive our advice.

The cost of a solicitor is of course an issue that concerns many of our clients. We try to alleviate that concern by offering different methods of billing. We can in many cases provide advice and assistance on a fixed cost basis, so that you are aware as to what work we will carry out for what cost. In ongoing matters we can assist you in spreading the costs to be incurred by agreeing with you an amount that you pay on a monthly basis. Many people now have insurance policies with the added benefit of covering an amount for legal expenses. If you have such a policy then we will of course be happy to explore with you the possibility that our fees may be covered in whole or part by your insurer.

Our aim is to make appointing us as your solicitor as painless as possible in the circumstances in which you find yourself.