Franchise Agreements Solicitors

Franchising is becoming increasingly popular in Britain with an annual turnover of around £9.5 billion. The business community now takes franchising very seriously and it is accepted across a range of sectors. The advantages of owning your own business are obvious but so too are the risks. The franchisee is taking less of a risk than starting his or her own business. Less than one in ten franchises fail. This is because they are operating under an established and proven business model and supplying or producing a tested brand name.

Franchising is essentially the permission given by one person, the franchisor, to another person, the franchisee, to use the franchisor’s name, trade marks and business system in return for an initial payment and further regular payments.

Each business outlet is owned and managed by the franchisee. However, the franchisor retains control over the way in which products and services are marketed and sold, and controls the quality and standards of the business.