Policies and Procedures

It is essential that once you have the relevant policies and procedures in place that you effectively implement them when required.

A failure to carry out a fair disciplinary or grievance procedure could lead to an employee presenting a claim for either unfair dismissal (if dismissed) or constructive unfair dismissal.  We can advise you on every step of the process to ensure it is compliant with the ACAS Code of Practices which is the guidance that must be followed when implementing these procedures.  We can draft all of the letters to the relevant employee on your behalf and assist with the assimilation of any evidence collated during an investigation. 

If you fail to follow the principles set down in the ACAS Code of Practice you could be liable for a 25% uplift in any compensation awarded to an employee following tribunal proceedings.

If you find that you have employees that are not performing to the requisite standard or are struggling to cope with the remit of their role you are entitled to implement a capability or performance management procedure.  We can advise on the effective implementation of such procedures and the relevant documents and correspondence that may be required.

If your business finds itself in the unfortunate position that it needs to make cut backs to its workforce we can support you in carrying out a fair and objective redundancy process.