Company Advice

Running a company can be a complicated affair. You want to get on with the day to day business aspects of your company, but you have numerous procedural and compliance issues that must be observed.

The Companies Act 2006 introduced a number of new requirements for company directors imposing greater duties of care. There are also other laws such as the Corporate Manslaughter provisions which can have a very serious impact on your company and you personally as a director.

A company also has a duty to disclose certain information including the full registered name and number of the company and its registered office. This information must be included in all communications sent by or on behalf of the company, including emails, websites, and standard documentation such as pro-forma invoices.

The Neves business team can assist you with all compliance aspects of running your company.

For more information contact a member of the Neves Business Team which consists of Simeon Clipstone, Stewart Matthews, Andrew Orriss, Ian SimpsonJane Joseph, and Haqib Iqbal

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