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Should you disinherit your children ?

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 Should you disinherit your children ?


I was interested to read that the new Housing Minister, Gavin Barwell has apparently suggested that the older generation should leave their houses and savings to their grandchildren to help them get on the housing ladder and effectively disinherit their children.  Mr Barwell has revealed that his own mother has chosen to leave her house to her five grandchildren rather than her two children.

No one would argue that it is difficult for young people today to get on the housing ladder and most need a helping hand from mum and dad or grandparents.

At the same point in time I do not believe that anyone is entitled to an inheritance and would rather see the senior generation enjoying their wealth and what they have worked for.  I do completely understand however that most people want their children and grandchildren to benefit from what they leave.

I would urge caution though before skipping a generation.  Mr Barwell and his brother may be very financially comfortable.  Not everyone of their generation is.  The high cost of buying property in certain areas of the country, the increasing cost of paying school fees should a family decide that is a priority for them, effects of divorce and reduced pension provision often mean that the middle generation may not be as well off as Mr Barwell might think.

In addition, they may have to stop working early because of ill health or redundancy and may rely on the inheritance when it comes to assist them in their old age.


There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution and every family has to consider their own circumstances and work out what is right for them.